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Scott Baumann formed MAT-CS after gaining over 25 years of experience in materials characterization and surface analysis. Having served as a lab manager as well as an analyst, Scott has designed hundreds of experiments, and analyzed thousands of samples. He is an expert with years of lab experience performing RBS, SIMS, XRF, TXRF, XRR, and AFM analysis and a wide variety of materials ranging from semiconductors to polymers and glasses. He has also taught over 20 classes on materials characterization techniques, and has extensive knowledge of techniques such as AES, XPS, GDMS, FTIR, GCMS, and more.   

While serving as a lab director Scott received frequent requests for analysis that were not performed at his lab. In order to serve the best interests of his clients he built an extensive network of contacts with labs that performed different techniques. This network of labs gives MAT-CS the ability to deliver the exact analysis you need without the hassle of searching for labs or the risk of using the wrong technique. 

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